Canonical Priesthood
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A Time Line To Formation
Canonical Priesthood

Canons are, of their origin, the bishop’s clergy. Therefore the canonical ministry is seen as a priestly ministry to the Church in the diocese.

A Canonical Priest is a vowed Priest living according to a rule. This term describes a kind of higher degree of committment to priestly life.

The Canonical Priesthood of the The Canonical Order of Chaplains is a Priestly institute of Holy Resolution whose Priestly Canons pursue the proper apostolic ends of their vowed ministry. By pronouncing the ancient vows of Stability, Committment of Life , Service, and Obedience according to the specific form of the this Order, each member consciously strives towards the perfection of their Godly calling.

Once the Professed Servant has earned his/her Masters Degree and have met all the commitments of a Professed Servant. The candidate may make application with the Provost and the Abbot General in writing.

Profession of Solemn or Perpetual vows to become a Canonical Priest is decided by adherence to the appropriate ecclesiastical norms, consultation with the Provost and the Abbot General. Before profession as a Canonical Priest the Provost and the Abbot General are to carefully considered as to whether the candidate possesses the necessary aptitude and sufficient maturity for our community.

A second approach are for those who are of proven ministry with a Masters and/or Doctorial degrees who have completed the Postulants formation.  He/She may make written application with the Abbot General through any of the Provosts, or with the Abbot General directly

Once approved, profession will take place at the appropriate time and place as set by the Orders calendar for admissions and professions. This is usually in April and October of each year

Applicants are encouraged to complete his/her Masters Degree, if it has not yet been attained. Canonical Priesthood requires a Masters Degree

Canonical Priests Commitment and Discipline

1. We commit to pray daily, a minimum of one hour each week, for those who are in the Avenues of our ministry.

2. We commit to give aid and comfort, a minimum of one hour each week, to those who are in the Avenues of our ministry.

3. We commit to act as Ministers to those who do not have one and to help the Ministers of those who do have one.

4. We Commitment to educate and edify ourselves so we may be fortified with the Bread of Life that we may in turn be bread to those we feed.

5. We commit to be wholly given to this Order’s charism for a period of three years

6. We commit to personal and financial support of the Order and to the work of its mission 

7. We commit that our service will be as ointment poured forth, without hesitation or reservation, if necessary, have a willingness to gladly spend and be spent.
Matt. 26:7, 2Cor. 12:15, 1 John 3:16-18, John 15:12-1

8. We commit our lives for the life of the Order and the cause of Christ.
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